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Bee Pollen Honey


Two great bee products in one!

100% Ontario Bee Pollen with 100% Ontario Unpasteurised Honey

A great immune booster as well as helping reduce the effects of allergies.

Lemon Ginger & Wild Flower Honey


So darn good for you!

Organic Ginger with Pure Lemon Zest and 100 % Ontario Wild Flower Honey

This honey has become a special favourite for many customers!!

Cocoa Honey


This yummy honey is made with 100% pure Brute Cocoa and can be used so many ways!

Great on desert or just with a spoon works!!

Cinnamon Creamed Honey


Made with pure organic cinnamon it’s great on toast, tea, cereal, cooked veggies etc.

Orange Cocoa Creamed Honey


Made with pure cocoa and orange zest.

This is so yummy and tastes like a famous orange chocolate ball!

Wildflower Honey


Wild Flower Unpasteurized Honey from Ontario.

Nature’s miracle food!

Lemon Zest Creamed Honey


So versatile, every kitchen should have lemon honey!


Great on grilled chicken, fish, kebobs, vegetables, mixed with olive oil as a vinaigrette, cereal, smoothies,  and of course in tea, especially for colds and flu!!


Also nice, just on a spoon right from the jar!!!

Sweet Heat Honey


This sweet heat honey will knock your socks off!

Delicious by the spoonful, its also amazing on chicken wings, pizza, or pair it with your next charcuterie board to kick things up.

So good you can put it on everything!